I can’t describe how I feel
I can’t believe that this could be real
Sometimes I talk to whatever’s above
Praying that this could really be love
I wish I had the words for this emotion
To describe to you this total devotion
I’d crush anything that stood in our way
Fight everything each and every day…

But I can’t shake off this feeling
That one of us could be leaving
I can’t escape this crushing dread
Is that what’s going through your head
I think you want someone not so far away
Someone you can touch and hold every day
And baby, I sometimes wish that too
Not for me, but only for you…

Each day we are getting older
And all the time it’s feeling colder
Every night seems to be longer
But, you know that just makes me stronger
More certain and determined in every way
That when I come, it will be to stay
I hope you share this same dream with me
Wishing and hoping we are meant to be…

We have lived such different lives
I looked at the ground and you looked at the skies
Life doesn’t like either of us too much
But you are blessed with this divine touch
You remind me of an angel, dancing on a star
So bright and so magical, but thats so far
Back on the ground, I’m awed to see
This incredible person looking down at me…


P.S. I wrote the poem some time back..  :)
The pics, though fitting perfectly, ain’t mine. The editing is. Hope you liked it.. Share if you felt it as well.. Thankiez!


About Neepa Sharma

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10 responses »

  1. Very beautiful writing. I’ll go explore all else you have here now… :)

  2. Antony George says:

    hmmmm u made me cry…… seriously…… :'(
    heart touching

  3. Dionta Thompson says:

    This was not only touching and beautiful but for me a message that came at just the right time in my life. It is funny how things happen like that – as if we get exactly what we need when we need it. You surely have a follower in me!!! Thank you for this!!

  4. Storm Rider says:

    wow! gosh! that realy touched me… shit I remember being there.. u took me back in time..

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