I always dreamt we’d grow old together,
and together we’d face each day..
But now, in the tears that roll down my face,
Your memory fades away….

Our problems walked with us in silence.
Dragging on from dusk to dawn..
Leaves collecting at our cold and tired feet.
As the moon looked upon..

Two people sitting by the lake
None would say a word
Knew we were growing apart
Silence piercing as a sword

In my bedroom, surrounded by empty walls,
I want to scream and shout.
My mouth opens, but the tortured words…
Just would not come out.

You, This man I began to love.
Replaced me for “Nothing”
The castles of love built at the shore
Destroyed over one fling.

Wondered how could I be so lucky
I just had it all.
Broken promises.. Shattered dreams
And you watched us fall.

Then I was an empty notebook,
waiting for a poet to come by.
Now I am a heap of paper
that you scribbled and put on fire.

My heart bleeds,
The snow turns red.
But I still hear your swears
Ringing in my head..

You’re like salt on an open wound,
Reminding me you once were here.
Warm like the blood in my veins,
The love I had for you, so dear.

In my distorted, broken dreams.
So empty, yet real.
I’m floating through air.
I touch your face, hoping to feel.

Sorry I loved you so.
And you didn’t feel the same.
When I think of what could have been.
Its a waste! Whom to blame!

Brick by brick, I’ll re-build my life.
I’m stronger when hardest hit.
“I” will stand by myself
Not let myself quit.

Still my conscious asks a question,
that I kind of fear..
Is the grass really greener on the other side?
And the answer I long to hear.


About Neepa Sharma

(Not) Just Living.

14 responses »

  1. Painful yet beautiful :)

  2. Antony George says:

    thought r deep n real…….. felt every word written here……..

  3. heart broken sayings…;( soooo well said..!!

  4. hell yeahh akshay….:D :D

  5. HaLin says:

    ‘Our problems walked with us in silence….’

    Wonderfully put!

  6. Samriti heer says:

    Naina Lgiya barisha k suke suke sapne b pij gye. NAINE LGiya barish rove palka de kone vich meri, Naina lgiya barisha hanju digde de ne chot lge dil te, Naina lgiya barisha rut virha te bdla di cha gyi.!!

  7. Beautifully penned…I loved reading every verse…I guess I can relate to it…

  8. Dave S says:

    Can I use the second image in this post on my page? Just wanted to check if this is your personal pic or just came off the internet? Let me know by posting a reply to this comment. I will respect your decision, irrespective of whether you let me use this image or not. Thanks !!!


    • Neepa Sharma says:

      Go ahead! Luck for u! :)

      • Dave S says:

        Thanks.. I will use it probably in my next post…

        By the way, I am not really a big fan of poetry.. but this one is different. Some lines so beautifully thought and written down.. I can really see what she is going through. For example.. this line is very nice…

        In my distorted, broken dreams.
        So empty, yet real.
        I’m floating through air.
        I touch your face, hoping to feel.

        It just says so much.


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