Thoughts of you in my mind
Slowly creep
I toss and turn in my sleep

Your indifference
Gets me so
I can’t seem to let go

Your warmth
Your tight embrace
And your smiling face

They haunt me
I can’t forget
Haven’t heard from you yet..



About Neepa Sharma

(Not) Just Living.

6 responses »

  1. Ashish Meena says:

    Awesome!!Really :D

  2. Antony George says:

    SHORT N SWEET……… but started to miss sum1 :'(

  3. y yuh after me 2 cry olwaz…:P but yayyyy life really MOVES on…:)

  4. Neepa Sharma says:

    Awwww….! I made everyone *miss* their someone.. :( That means its a good post :P hehe!

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