What happens when you visit a place…known still unknown! You’ve read about it at places…on web, in books, newspaper! You’ve seen its magnificent buildings in videos, on television, in magazines! You know I had this feeling of not going to JAIPUR just because I knew all it had was old buildings, forts and palaces..and endless stories of kings and queens! Whats so special about that! But it seems I was destined to be there..even if it was just a 2-day trip…how awe-some it was!!!
Even before reaching the so-called “Pink City” [Lemme tell you it was called so because the city situated in Rajasthan was established by the then king, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, who ordered to paint it PINK!]..I see this beautiful fort, “Amer Fort” where the king resided. It shined golden as sun rays enlightened the yellow-ish walls of it! And I had a sudden feeling of “Damn! I wanted to be here all my life!!!”
Ahmm… I’m extremely sorry that I couldn’t click a picture of the scene! The “heavy” traffic wouldn’t let us stop..traffic that constituted of ELEPHANTS! Why do you think I called it heavy! ;) The elephants stood their waiting for tourists to pay a not-so-huge amount, and then they’d take the tourists on a ride inside the fort! Imagine viewing a fort from the inside sitting on an elephant! *Mega View* it must be!

For pictures of inside the fort, and other beautiful places like Hawa Mahal and Jaigarh Fort, etc., you may want to have a look at the presentation I made out of all that I gathered of Jaipur. So sit back and enjoy the short journey! :)


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  1. Antony George says:

    yet another gr8 article by you….. nice…. :)

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